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IELTS Reading: Strategies for Summary Completion

It’s good to be familiar with  the different types of questions for the Reading module. Then make sure you’ve read about general reading strategies. Once you’ve practiced the general strategies, you can try specific strategies for the different question types. Here

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Vocabulary learning strategies

The best strategy really, is to keep reading, listening and speaking to English speakers. However, you can be active in expanding on a new word you may come across in an article or a conversation. Here are a few different

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IELTS Reading: Strategies for matching heading to paragraph

Make sure you’ve read the general approach to the reading test. A few things to know about heading matching: This task can be difficult and time-consuming. There are always more headings than you need. If it is used for a

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Key reading skills to improve reading comprehension and speed

Whether you’re practicing  for your IELTS reading test or for your school coursework – you should be familiar with the following strategies. Pre-reading skills are important in helping you improve your overall reading comprehension and speed. Rather than diving straight

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