Sample model essay for Task 1 – 3 charts

I previously wrote about how to get a 7 or over on a Task 1 essay. My main point was about the overview/summary paragraph which should identify 2 main trends, patterns or features of the graph(s), rather than just describing the labels of the graph(s).

I had written a comparison between 2 versions of the overview paragraph. Here is my full sample model essay for that same question.

The tables and pie chart show in percentage terms the results of a survey of a new shopping complex in London.

Summarize the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant. Write at least 150 words.


Here is my essay:

The tables and pie chart show the findings of a customer satisfaction survey conducted at a new shopping mall in London.

Overall, the majority of shoppers were satisfied or very satisfied with the shops, restaurants and design of the new mall. In general, both men and women felt similarly about the shops, while more males were satisfied with the restaurants compared to women.

When asked about the design of the complex, 62% of  both sexes were satisfied and 17% were very satisfied, leaving only 11% and 10% for those who were dissatisfied or had no comment. When asked about the shops, both sexes gave their approval with 62% of males and 71% of females either satisfied or very satisfied. Interestingly enough, exactly 20% of both males and females were dissatisfied.

Views differed most when asked about restaurants. Males were more positive, with 80% satisfied or very satisfied and just 5% dissatisfied. Females, on the other hand, were less positive with 59% approval ratings and a much more noticeable 21% disapproval rate.

(171 words)

Useful words and expressions used:

  • findings – results of a survey or research
  • approval/disapproval ratings, approval/disapproval rate –
  • shopping mall – shopping complex

Take note of the organization and how I followed my two important features that I identified in my overview paragraph:

  1. Paragraph 1 – introduction – rephrased the question & title of the graphs
  2. Paragraph 2 – overview paragraph – 1) Majority of both sexes were satisfied or very satisfied in all 3 charts. 2) Men & women had similar opinions on the shops but differed with the restaurants – more men were happy with the restaurants
  3. Paragraph 3 – Details on majority being satisfied or very satisfied with the design & with the shops
  4. Paragraph 4 – Details on the difference in opinion on the restaurants.

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