Sample IELTS Task 1 diagram essay

I previously wrote about how to organize and write your diagram/process essay for Task 1. Below I’ve written a full essay following that 4-paragraph plan.


Here is my sample essay for the above diagram on how bricks are manufactured:

The diagram illustrates how bricks are made in the construction industry.

 There are four stages in this process, starting with digging for raw materials, mixing and shaping the bricks, then baking and cooling the bricks before they are ready for shipment in the final stage.

 The process begins with digging for clay, a type of sticky soil often used for making pots as well. It is then sifted with a metal grid to remove any rocks or debris onto a roller, then mixed with sand and water. From there, the bricks are either formed and shaped by wire cutters or a mould.

 Once shaped, the bricks are left to dry in a drying oven for 24 to 48 hours before being fully baked twice. They are first baked in a moderate kiln at 200 to 980 C, then baked again at a higher temperature of 870 to 1300 C. From there, they are left to cool in a special chamber for 48 to 72 hours. After they have completely cooled, the bricks are packaged for delivery to various construction sites.

(180 words)

*Note, the information I add about the clay is actually stated on the diagram at the bottom, however it didn’t come out in my picture unfortunately.


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