Overview of the IELTS Speaking Test

shutterstock_65840998There are 3 parts in the IELTS Speaking test.

Part 1: Introduction & Interview (4-5 minutes)

The examiner introduces him/herself and confirms your identity and will ask for your passport. The examiner will then ask you general questions on familiar topics, e.g. home, family, work, studies and interests to which you should reply as fully as possible.

Part 2: Individual Long Turn (3 – 4 minutes)

The examiner will give you a task card which asks you to talk about a particular topic and which includes points which you can cover in your talk. You are given 1 minute to prepare your talk, and are given a pencil and paper to make notes. You are expected to talk for 1-2 minutes on the topic without stopping. The examiner will then ask you one or two follow-up questions on the same topic.

Part 3: Two-Way Discussion ( 4 – 5 minutes)

The examiner asks further questions which are connected to the topic of Part 2 . These questions give you an opportunity to discuss more abstract issues and ideas that are related to that topic.
In total, it will take about 11 – 14 minutes.
You are marked on your overall performance in 4 different areas, which are then calculated to give you your overall score:
  • Fluency and Coherence – how you speak at length and maintain flow; how you use connectives and discourse markers
  • Lexical Resources (Vocabulary range) – ability to use a wide range of vocabulary covering personal and non-personal topics
  • Grammatical range and accuracy – ability to use a range of sentence structures
  • Pronunciation – how easily you are understood and use of pronunciation features, i.e. intonation, stress, rhythm

For detailed description on the band score descriptors, please see here.


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