IELTS Writing Lessons

How to Write your IELTS Essays

Planning, organizing and writing well-developed essays within 20 minutes for Task 1 and 40 minutes for Task 2 can be very daunting (intimidating or scary).

With a good plan on how to answer the questions and organize your essay, you will be able to do it within that time. And do it well! You just need to practice these strategies.

Here I have placed a few of my lessons about Writing Task 1 and 2.

For Task 1 – Essay on charts, tables, graphs, diagrams and maps 

(150 words minimum, 20 minutes)

Lesson 1:  IELTS Writing Task 1 Approach – Graphs and Charts

Lesson 2:  How to write introductions quickly for Task 1

Lesson 3:  How to write the overview/summary paragraph

Lesson 4: How to describe and compare data in the detail paragraph

Sample Essay for Line Graph #1

Sample Essay for Line Graph #2

Lesson 5: How to write the Process/Diagram Essay for Task 1

Sample Essay for Diagram #1


For Task 2 – Academic Essay – the persuasive essay

(250 words minimum, 40 minutes)

Lesson 1: How to analyze the task question for IELTS Task 2

Lesson 2: How to write an introduction quickly for IELTS Task 2

Lesson 3: Structure of your essay – 4-paragraphs for IELTS Task 2

Lesson 4: Structure for Agree/Disagree Essay for IELTS Task 2

Lesson 5: Structure for Problem/Solution Essay for IELTS Task 2

Sample Model Essays:

Sports Professionals – Discuss views and give opinion

Reducing Unemployment & mobile phones

Reducing long-distance commutes – Suggesting measures (solutions)

Children’s Unhealthy Lifestyles – Agree or Disagree

7 Types of Task 2 Questions


I will be adding more useful lessons and sample full essays here shortly. Click here for all writing posts.

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