Essay for IELTS Task 2 – Discuss and give opinion questions

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For Task 2, you may get a question asking you to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of a topic  or two different views of an issue and your opinion. It’s important that you identify this type of question (please see my post on How to Analyze the Essay Question) to understand what you will write.

I previously wrote about the basic 4-paragraph structure for your Task 2 essay. It is no different for this type of question.

Here’s the structure you can follow:

1. Introduction – Introduce the topic, the claim in the question, then clearly state your opinion.

2. Discuss first view or advantages – include supporting examples and details

3. Discuss second view or disadvantages – include supporting examples and details

4. Conclusion – clearly restate your opinion and main reasons for it.

Example Question:

Successful sports professionals can earn a great deal more money than people in other important professions. Some people think this is fully justified while others think it is unfair. Discuss both these views and give your own opinion.

Here is my sample outline of my 4 paragraphs with brainstorming notes (these are just ideas that I may/may not want to include in my essay)*:

1. Introduction: rephrase the topic , citing the two views. Clearly give your opinion.

Star athletes like LeBron James, Tiger Woods, David Beckham and Manny Pacquiao receive  multi-million dollar contracts which are far more than what other important professionals are paid. This has led to controversy over whether this is justified and fair. Although I can understand why some people feel this is unfair, I feel professional athletes are justified in receiving this pay.

2. View that this is unfair:

  • People that provide more meaningful services that directly help and affect individuals and community are paid much less.
  •  Examples – teachers, community workers, caregivers, police, nurses, etc.
  • Low pay makes it harder to find people to do these important and much needed jobs.

3.  View that this is justified:

  • Salary unfortunately does not always reflect the importance and necessity of  a job.
  • Professional athletes are part of the sports and entertainment industry that makes a lot of money and is a big part of the economy.  A lot of people choose to pay money for sports and related products, so it’s fair that these players get their share of the profits. It’s business. The owners have the money to pay these players huge amounts of money. On the other hand – elderly adults who need caregivers do not have a lot of money to pay their caregivers.
  • Examples of others who get paid a great deal of money in the entertainment industry – actors, pop-stars, celebrities, agents, producers, directors, etc.

4. Conclusion:

Clearly restate your opinion

* Please note: The examiner is looking at how you express, organize and develop your ideas – they are not judging your opinion. Sometimes you can write an essay which you may not fully agree with, but the point is to just write a developed essay!!

** I’ll write my full sample model essay in a later post, so check back soon!**


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    thanks for giving tips for task 2… but task 2 is more difficult than task 1.. can you help me about task 2.. can you check my letters and reply me that what’s mistakes?

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