Different types of questions for the IELTS Reading module

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You  have 1 hour to answer 40 questions for 3 reading passages. Between these 3 passages (of increasing difficulty), you will see a variety of the following different types of questions. While it’s important to approach the IELTS reading with an overall strategy of previewing, skimming and scanning, it is good preparation to be familiar with the different question types and to practice specific strategies in answering these types of questions (which I’ll go into more detail later). Below are the different types with some links to sample readings and questions.

1. Matching tasks

2.  Task completion (fill in the gaps)

3. True/False/Does Not Say; Yes/No/Not Given

4. Multiple Choice

5. Short Answers

In later posts, I’ll be addressing each type of question and what’s the best way to approach each one.

Update:  See here for how to approach matching headings to paragraphs