Common Errors in Grammar – Agreement

Even if you’re upper-intermediate to advanced, when you’re writing fast in a timed situation, you sometimes forget to check basic grammar elements, such as agreement (singular/plural) between different parts of speech.

When you practice your writing, check your agreement with:

  • subject + verb (check both are singular or plural)
  • pronoun + noun (check both are singular or plural)
  • number + noun (if there is more than one, the noun must be plural)
  • after phrases such as ” kind of “ (+ singular), “one of “ (+ plural noun + singular verb), ” the/a number of” ( + plural noun + singular verb), etc.
  • after ” many “ ( + plural )
  • after “every” and “each” ( + singular )
  • phrases of time, money and weight when regarded as one unit (+ singular verb)

Make any corrections if necessary:

1) I think both strict governmental regulations and parental supervision needs to be in place.

2) Furthermore, upon retiring, they will have no new income, so their care and costs of living will be shouldered by public funds.

3) The other three nation spent nearly the same amount in this regard.

4) If students don’t want to do this kind of jobs in the future, there aren’t many options.

5) One of the problem with this measure is that it is hard to enforce.

6) The number of application for this particular job has dropped in recent years.

7) There are many thing that should considered when suggesting solutions.

8) Each of the subcommittees have a specific goal to achieve.

9) Every conceivable type of problem arise in the first few weeks.

10) Does the client and project manager agree to the terms of the contract?

11) Three hundred dollars isn’t too much to pay.


I’ll give the answers shortly in the comments below. In the meantime, give it a go!

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