Month: October 2012

Academic English Words You Should Know that are useful for IELTS – Sublist 1 of AWL

The Academic Word List is a compilation of the most used words in academic writing. In total there are 570 word families divided into 10 sublists.  Sublist 1 is made up of 60 words which are the most often used words in

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Question about IELTS – How to improve my English?

Helga Weber via Compfight I’ve gotten a lot of questions from students and readers, and many of them ask this one question: “How do I improve my English?” Well, this is a very very general and broad question. The first

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Essay organization for the IELTS Task 1 Essay

I was just asked a good question about the format of the essay for Task 1. A reader asked, “Do you need to write a conclusion for Task 1?” My answer is – “No”, you don’t need a conclusion for

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IELTS Task 1 Sample Essay – birth and death rates line graph

I wrote about how to write the detail paragraph for the IELTS Task 1 essay in this post here. I explained how to describe and compare data in this paragraph. In this post I’ll give my full sample essay. Here

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Sample IELTS Task 2 Essay – Suggesting Measures

Neil Kremer via Compfight I previously wrote about approaching and organizing this essay question: More and more city workers are deciding to live in the country and travel into work everyday. The result is increased traffic congestion and damage to

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